Practice the steps under:

1)      Obtain acceptable file in your gadget from

2)      Extract to desired location

3)      Run “SDK Setup.exe”
(or the equivalent for your system)

Run SDK setup.exe

a.       If you receive an error message stating “Failed to fetch url…” then you will have to force the Setup program to use http in lieu of https.

Got this error? Follow the steps.

i.      Close the “Refresh Sources” window

ii.      Cancel the “Choose Packages to Install” window

iii.      Select “Settings” from the left side of the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” window

iv.      Check the box labeled “Force https://… sources to be fetched using http://…”

v.      Click “Save and Apply”

vi.      Close and restart the SDK Setup program

4)      Choose the packages that you wish install

Select only the packages you need.

a.       If you are only interested in trying out the Android 2.0 Emulator

i.      Reject everything except “SDK Platform Android 2.0. API 5, revision 1” by selecting each item then selecting the Reject option

b.      If you plan to develop Android applications and Games, you may wish to Accept All

c.       Click “Install Selected”

5)      Allow the selected packages to download and install then close the “Installing Archives” window

6)      Create a new Android Virtual Device (AVD)

These are the settings to emulate the Moto Droid.

a.       Select “Virtual Devices” from the left side of the “Android SDK and AVD Manager” window

i.      Click “New”

ii.  &#01
60;   Enter a Name

iii.      Choose a Target

iv.      Enter a size for the emulated SD Card

v.      Choose a Skin

1.      To emulate cur
rent hardware such as the G1, MyTouch 3G, Hero, etc…

a.       Leave the default value

2.      To emulate the Motorola Droid

a.       Choose WVGA 854

3. &#01
60;    To emulate other devices

a.       Choose anything else

vi.      Click “Create AVD”

7)      Start your newly created Virtual Device

A successfully created AVD.

a.       Choose the Virtual Device from the list

b.      Click “Start…”

c.       Click “Launch”

)      Allow copious time for Emulator to start up

First startup will take a few minutes!!!

9)      Enjoy! and let us know what you think about it…

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