It's now not simply the Chinese language, North Koreans or the Egyptians that selectively block get admission to to songs from the web , there are additionally oldsters and managers. However for different causes, primarily safety in opposition to pornographic photography for the previous and productiveness for the latter.


OpenDNS is the leading global service Free DNS redirection and allowing each day to millions of Internet users to access the web by Resolution (pointing to a URL to the server's IP site) addresses entered in their web browser, and even their automatic correction in case of typos.

1% as part of the global Internet traffic passes through OpenDNS, or 30 billion queries daily to 15 million IP addresses, this is still a few connections and a sufficient basis for some statistics. Including statistics on the most secure sites, businesses and homes.

What is published and OpenDNS. Visible in the report below, OpenDNS details the types of sites most filtered, the most blacklisted, but the top 10 sites most often included on lists white (accessible sites despite a blockade of the category in which they appear ) and the sites most prone to phishing attacks (phishing). Mark Zuckerberg will be happy here as his personal website truste first places!

Top 10 most secure sites in the world

By Category

1. Pornography
2. Sexuality
3. Vulgar / Bad Taste
4. Proxy / anonymizer
5. Adware (spyware advertising purposes)
6. Nudity
7. Hate / Discrimination
8. Lingerie / Bikini (to protect children or productivity?)
9. Gambling
10. Drugs / Pharmacy

Per site, overall

5. Twitter. com

By site, company

1. Facebook
2. MySpace
3. YouTube
4. DoubleClick
5. Twitter
6. MSN
7. Orkut
8. Yahoo (why?)
9. Meebo
10. eBay

It is found that the 5 most blocked sites are the same, and in the same order in the general classification and grading business, and that, surprisingly, social networking and advertising come before the porn, which remains a minority (no site porn stuck in the top 10 ranking companies). For the 10 countries hosting the most phishing sites, we expected to find at the top of list countries rather "unsavory" usual, which generally correspond to those in which medium you would want to let your children to summer camp and although fooled: just after the U.S. and Germany … a majority of European countries and allegedly on their own, like a certain France, 5th in the ranking, who would have thought?

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