The revamped 15-inch  MacBook Pro Apple presented in its event implements the fastest PCIe-based Solid State Drive (SSD) in the market, surpassing its predecessors.

Users who have purchased the refurbished 15-inch MacBook Pro introduced in the last event are in luck because, according to various tests performed with this device, this laptop implement the fastest SSD, so we are facing a laptop focused on productivity and efficiency.

According to information from Computerworld, the 15-inch MacBook Pro lead the SSD market faster, with higher speeds in both reading and writing of any currently available device. From hereby stated that Apple would be two years ahead of its competitors thanks to this technology that other companies do not implemented until 2017.

More specifically, according to benchmarks performed, this 2016 MacBook Pro includes an SSD with a read speed of 3.1 Gbps and a write speed of 2.2 Gbps. We are therefore faced an improvement over the 13-inch model, which includes a write speed of 2.1 Gbps. This is a breakthrough in this type of technology not only for those numbers that make this device is completely focused on productivity and efficiency but by the choice of SSD. Implement new SSD Controller technology NVM, and Apple has revolutionized what has been the fact implement the full range of notebooks against other companies that only included in some models.

This type of storage memory was used by Apple for the first time in the 12-inch MacBook released irn 2015, putting the Cupertino-based company at the forefront of the sector. Although it seems that the 2016 MacBook Pro has only implemented the Touch Bar feature in its internal specs, you can see a modern and solid device,

(Source: Computerworld)

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