The 3G part of the next iPod touch?


In step with 9to5mac , the next generation iPod touch (5 th) could benefit from a 3G chip and thus an antenna array! In fact, they have been some leaked information of Apple plans floating around. According to him, the future iPod touch could integrate antennas and everything you need to give it the full 3G connectivity.


While the iPod touch has many strengths (platform games, music player, Wi-Fi, etc..), Its lack of 3G connectivity is often returned to the agenda. It would for example iPod touch owners to take advantage of VoIP communications, which might displease the mobile operators. The newspaper itself suggests that possible hitch between Apple and the operators. the site, we learn:

Will it work just like the iPad, you get a 3G simcard enabled from your provider and you put in That iPod Touch. Apple's choice of Bringing to the 3G iPod Touch Is not All That weird, if it's true of course. Remains the question how providers react to this Will, Since the use of Skype for example Will skyrocket.

Or in French:

"It will function as the iPad, it is sufficient to obtain an operator's SIM card and insert it into the iPod. The willingness of Apple to the 3G  inside the iPod touch is not so strange, so the information is true. The question that comes up is: how the operator will react to this, for example with the use of Skype. "

Indeed, the use of VoIP on iPad (which can accommodate a SIM in its 3G version) is not something very practical, but on iPod touch, which approximates the size of the iPhone, things could be very different and allow the public to reduce their phone bills in Viber Played Skype or via the 3G connection and not by the Wi-Fi

A few more months to learn more. The current generation of iPod touch has been updated in September 2010 and the new generation is expected soon as the Apple renews its range every year.

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