iphone-buildThe latest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 7 was presented on September 7, has a design almost traced to iPhone that presented in 2014. But still, according to IHS, its manufacturing cost has increased over previous models, while that its selling price has remained in countries where nothing has happened with respect to its currency (anyone Brexit said?). In any case, it seems that Apple is going to ruin.

IHS says that the components used in the iPhone 7 32GB have a total price of $220.80 (€ 198.04), $ 36 more than the cost of manufacturing the 16GB iPhone 6s. To take the profit margin is considering the sale price in the United States, about $649 that still contribute to the Cupertino company benefits that few competing devices will bring to their respective companies.

The price difference comes mainly by new components and technologies such as the new táptico engine, new cameras and increased storage, we remember that has gone from 16GB, 64GB and 32GB to 128GB, 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone 7 cost

IHS has not yet published the manufacturing cost of the iPhone 7 Plus, a cost that should be even greater than the 4.7-inch model. The 5.5-inch model has a larger screen and a dual camera that could be priced at $ 40, while the simple cameras iPhone 7 counting the principal and the new 7Mpx FaceTime camera, would have a price of $20.

At $220 the cost of manufacturing still have to add the cost of packaging, shipping, taxes, marketing, software development and employee salaries. It is estimated that the profit per 32GB 4.7-inch iPhone 7 sold is about $250, approximately 33% (which comes down from 38%). While in Europe have been affected by the Brexit, not bad to know that Apple has not reflected the increased cost of production in the final bill, right?

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