Consistent with a couple of sources, the subsequent iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 will characteristic a NFC (Close to Box Verbal exchange).This brief-vary radio know-how (10 cm most) already neatly based in Japan can have many sensible functions. Misunderstood through most of the people, it’s alternatively that the extension of an ISO / IEC 14443 extra recurrently identified with the aid of the identify of RFID. This explicit kind of same old is utilized in many shopper merchandise just like the Nabaztag / tag from Violet. It used to be sufficient to method a guide with an RFID chip in order that the rabbit learn the e-book as an instance.


In this case, the NFC technology allows more extensive use since it allows not only to read any RFID existing but also emulate any contactless smart card exists. Thus, there will need to follow a long and complicated procedure when payments either in store or online: exit so the security codes, confirmation that drag. A note about cell phones, the SIM card is any evidence to confirm that the card matches the emulated user.

  • Use as credit card emulated:

– Shop

Shopping will never be as easy with the NFC: each of the items you will want to buy will be encoded with your device like the traditional scan a bar code. One could imagine intelligent applications management shopping list where every time you scan a product part of your list, the item in question will be barred. An application example of kitchen could offer you a list of ingredients needed to make a particular recipe and check in the supermarket where you are, they are available with a display of current inventory.

With each payment, you must put your iPhone NFC at a distance of 10 cm from the terminal or NFC reader and not less than 5 seconds, your account will be debited with the correct sum. There will be no need for funds as each item that you put in your shopping cart will first be encoded in your NFC device. Combine this with a system of overlapping points convertible thereafter € virtual and success will be at the rendezvous.

– Internet shopping

The reason why systems such as PayPal have garnered a huge hit with users is that this system offers a quick and relatively safe to make purchases on the web. Indeed, the internet is a great tool to buy, browse and compare products. This experience ends in the box "Payment" which shows strong binding because each time, you must type your login, password, your numbers and credit card verifications.

 Provided you have an NFC integrated or connected to your computer, you will be able to instantly buy a product with a simple approach your phone device.

 In which case you want to pay at the reception, it would pose no problem. The driver will ask you to approach your iPhone / iPad its NFC NFC reader and voila!

– Transit

The public transport will also be a target of the NFC. The contactless card systems are widespread in France, especially with the subway terminals, trains etc. .. This could offer some time savings for passengers and to get rid off the use of several cards, it must be said, are beginning to occupy too much room in our wallets.

The baggage identification and their location will allow the traveler to truly trace their business and reduce the risk of loss or even theft.

  • Use as a reader

In line with these ideas, the drive mode will provide information for many products Tagged RFID / NFC.

Bring your NFC iDevice a movie poster and it will redirect you to more information about this film and why not a page with a trailer and the purchase of seats in the cinema of your choice.

At the supermarket, you would like more nutritional information about different foods that make up your meal tonight. No problem! Your device will tell you and offer you even healthier alternatives.

  • Usage data exchange

The third and last application of the NFC for the exchange of personal or business data. In the workplace, the use of Bluetooth to exchange business cards (vCard) is fairly widespread but the NFC has to bring more transparency, security and simplicity in this procedure. Consider applying Bump on IOS, the operation would be similar except that there will be no need to clink your devices to make contact.

The sore subject on IOS is unable to exchange photos / videos with other terminals. Apple, king of the user experience, surely expecting a more intuitive way to exchange files. With a top speed of 848 kb / s, NFC provides ample speed for such applications while drastically reducing power consumption.

Understand that the NFC is not a competing technology to Bluetooth. The two technologies can work hand in hand as explained by the Bluetooth SIG to pair a Bluetooth headset, the NFC could for example avoid typing the pairing code while the bluetooth with a much higher speed in the NFC will be delegated the task of carrying voice data of the telephone conversation, the latter with profiles suitable for the transport of voice.The 2 technologies are designed to coexist effectively.

The advantages of NFC

  • It is important to note that NFC enables interaction with elements not being supplied with electricity while the bluetooth only allows interaction between powered devices.
  • The issue of security was also considered. Thus, where the bluetooth has a security protocol, NFC offers a physical security and protocol.
  • The establishment of a connection that lasts <0.1 seconds while with bluetooth, it takes over 6 seconds.
  • Simplicity is certainly one of the major advantages of NFC that will stimulate the adoption by the average user.
  • The production costs are relatively weak NFC chip enabling rapid expansion of this technology.

You'll understand that the NFC is certainly not essential but greatly simplify many uses. This is clearly in the direction of the future of computing where anyone will do many tasks in an intuitive way without having to delve into countless different menus of terminal to terminal. Thus, the physical world will be connected to the virtual world and communicate with it.

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