That is nice information, a man at Ars Technica has spent hours and hours to dissect vague device recordsdata to seek out that the working device ofApple TV is in response to iOS. Smartly, the whole thing the sector suspected, however now it's validated. Sure, and it simply implies that the Apple TV will quickly be jailbroken!


And there, it just means that the possibilities are endless. One can consider a whole bunch of super nice things like:



A Cydia-like with a ton of pirated movies and series.A Cydia-like with a ton of top fashion applications.A Cydia-like with real issues in to customize the Bouzin.A Cydia-like with … um actually it all.Well, needless to say that the guy who will launch a service with pirated films and series are likely to end his days in a Cuban prison, but it is frankly not dramatic. But what is frankly sympathetic, is someone we do peter microUSB port dedicated to technical assistance so that we can for example connect an external hard drive.

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