all iphone modedls

According to BusinessInsider, as the main evaluation criteria – design of the device, as it was perceived by the target audience and what should be left in smartphone history, though, and that only a couple of years. 10 iPhone models arranged in ten places, from worst to best – editorial opinion is not always coincide with the point of view of authors rating.

all iphone modedls

10th place – iPhone 3GS


This instance is glorious? Likely, the answer from the man in the street is “uh, I’m not sure.” And rightly so, because virtually nothing new to the scene did not show, and to admit that the whole year was spent only on competent debugging and revision, was not with his hands. That is, in technical terms, claims to any iPhone 3GS, but also nothing to be proud – 10th place.

9th place – iPhone 4S


History repeat itself with the 3GS model, with a difference of a few years and recognition of scientific and technological progress during this time. Plus output iPhone 4S appeared obscured by the news of Jobs’ death and emerged on this topic gossip about the future of the entire brand. Where here to objective evaluation of the new smartphone, an upgrade in the fall phones and went on.

8th place – iPhone 6

iphone 6

Affected the selection criteria for the rankings – that designers expressed dissatisfaction with Apple done the work. For the reason that a couple of steps Phablet not be distinguished from the flagship models from other manufacturers, and is a significant blow to the reputation of the brand, proud of the ability to maintain an individual style of its products. The second and third criteria of evaluation, because of the “young age» iPhone 6, have not been able to influence and therefore only eighth place. That does not prevent true forecasts about the best-selling model in the history of the apple smartphone – rating, which will make next year will look radically different.

7th place – iPhone 5

iphone 5 backCritics compared this model in black color “from the arsenal of gadgets Batman” for the characteristic gloomy and futuristic look. Alas, it is played with the iPhone 5 a cruel joke, since under such a description misses too many different products. King of the Hill can be only one – the design of the smartphone is remembered as the subject of controversy and accusations of plagiarism, and with such glory to break into the top range is not meant to be.

6th place – iPhone 3G

iphone 3gBody with a convex back cover prevents models claim to be a style icon, but this is hardly the only drawback. Strong growth in sales, a sincere love for the machine and the brand itself from the audience, whose numbers have already began to be measured in millions. More than enough to call the iPhone 3G smartphone remarkable, but still not the best in this rating.

5th place – iPhone 5c

iphone 5c

Those same expert designers that put unsatisfactory ratings appearance iPhone 6, praised the tawdry range younger brother flagship 2013. Solely because of Apple’s such a nobody expected and amid strict colors other representatives of the lineup, it looked “revolutionary.” And what with the fact that sales are not affected, and other critics have not found variegated shell for anything worthwhile? Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
4th place – iPhone 5s

iphone 5s

The combination of new technologies and the new design is a bold experiment with the transition to three-color scheme, along with the clothing of the smartphone into a new flat case with beveled edges. iPhone 5s was beautiful, functional, successful and loved, but still remained a serial device. In the sense that his appearance was ordained as the audience reaction, and subsequent fate. Routine-with.

3rd place – iPhone 2G


Three evaluation criteria, remember? And in the case of this model, the first two do not matter, simply because it is – the first ever in this model range. The unique machine at the time, very successfully occupy a niche, which is already set their sights competitors. Apple’s iPhone is literally became a milestone in the history, for which he was awarded an honorary third place in the ranking. On the other factors better tactfully silent.
2nd place – iPhone 6 Plus


“Apple did it!” – Delight, confusion and debate about the prospects Phablet with unprecedented brand dimensions and characteristics overshadow everything else. Hand on heart, already nobody cares about the design of this giant, and its place in the annals kind of iPhone will surely prove the most densely-packed. Not least because it is a symbol of a new philosophy of the company and will be a platform for mass haulage interesting solutions for the future. Summing scores of different ratings – a solid second place.

iPhone 6 Plus


iPhone 6 plus received with enthusiasm by all the critics, and the model is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The reaction of buyers – praised for functionality and blamed for “antennagate” admired filling and distressed at the sight of the price tag. But was not indifferent, for which the highest score.

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