Apple has announced that its next release of its iOS 8 operating system also support external input system, and this translates into the ability to install new keyboards in place of the default.

To enter a new keyboard, after you have installed will need to follow the steps below to add it because Apple has always “locks” the third-party extensions and you have to go to work manually inserting it in the preferences settings.


These keyboards but do not work everywhere, especially when entering passwords will be used where the classic QuickType Apple because the company is always at the forefront of the security discourse.

As you can see from the picture below, once activated a new keyboard, the sandbox of the suggestions is blocked by Apple; these measures are put in place to protect your privacy and security.


To enable the suggestions will need to enter in the settings and at this point the new keyboard will be able to see the typed characters and use them as suggestions and word prediction introduced by correcting any typos.

Let’s say that relying on third-party keyboards might be a better choice since all the companies that develop these applications work and lend their attention only optimizing it, something that Apple does not, of course, providing more features and settings.

Here are the best keyboards – Keyboards – that we have chosen for you to 8 compatible iOS on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.




This keyboard is the most popular on Android and is now available on iOS 8 downloaded from the App Store.

As for the design, SwiftKey as well as a customization of the themes dark / light is very similar to the layout of the keyboard for those who are using iOS then there will not be a huge difference in the style and feel; while iPad users will notice that the keys are slightly larger, improving the user experience.

SwiftKey is very responsive and accurate, even better than Apple.

SwiftKey also integrates SwiftKey Cloud service, which allows you to bring your own dictionaries and all settings on any other device (including Android) where it is very convenient for users of the iPhone and iPad since there is an update the same on both keyboards even if it is only used one.

This keyboard also incorporates SwiftKey Flow feature that allows you to “write” with one hand simply by swiping your finger from one key to another without ever raise it.

Download SwiftKey iOS (iTunes link)




This keyboard, which is also very popular in the Android world, will be available on the App Store for 99 cents, giving life to a competition especially with the keyboard QuickType of Apple.

The peculiarity of the smart keyboard is Swype input gesture that allows users to put a finger on a letter and scroll forming the word without lifting your finger from the display; functionality very similar to the above-mentioned feature of SwiftKey Flow of SwiftKey.

Swype uses a fast learning that can be passed via internet connection to other devices while using the Cloud without connection will be only locally on your iPhone / iPad.

It lacks support for many languages ​​and the ability to change the theme and the layout of your keyboard.

Download Swype iOS (iTunes link)




Even Fleksy wasted no time in developing their keyboard for iOS 8, this keyboard is designed initially to help people with visual disabilities, and having received $ 4 million has evolved introducing new systems based on Swype typing that make Fleksy after a bit of training the keyboard faster typing this in the Store.

This keyboard should be released around autumn for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with a free version and a Premiun that will allow users to have a collection of additional themes, and custom functions.

Download Fleksy iOS (iTunes link)


Ginger Keyboard


The team of Ginger Keyboard is ready to challenge other manufacturers thanks to a complete editor extreme staff that literally allow you to customize the design of your keyboard.

Thanks to a mechanism of theming you will have the opportunity to select and create your own theme by sharing it with everyone else so that they can also use them and benefit from your artistic talent.

This keyboard enables text prediction, auto correction and learning algorithms in their dictionary also available via swipe fast.

The real power of this’ app is the link with Girger Page thanks to a click on the button G, located close to the space bar, you can access features such as grammar checking, translations, synonyms, definitions, and all the various associations to a single word.

As the native keyboard of Apple, Ginger Keyboard function will include a predictive text input.

Ginger Keyboard will be available for free, but there will be in-app purchases that allow you to add new themes, options, and much more.

To access the beta of Ginger Keyboard visit the official website at this link (waiting for landing in the Store)




Minuum will be available shortly after the release of iOS 8 and will be aimed at those who want a cross between a keyboard and a stylish standart QWERTY keyboard that fades onto the screen without leaving space that it occupies a lot of space on the display to get a better view of the contents .

Although the keyboard becomes smaller obviously does not lose all the smart features you must have.

Minuum also implemented his idea on smartwatch, such as the Motorola Moto 360, where having limited space to a keyboard of this type becomes a brilliant idea.

Again, there is a clever dictionary with intelligent automatic correction; and all of the app development team hopes that this feature will attract many users.

Download Minuum iOS (iTunes link)




PopKey is one of the first keyboards for iOS 8 to introduce the possibility to insert an animated GIF in messages with a simple tap through the vastness rich library of images.

All images are cataloged in a clear and simple to be refined and sent, with the ability to add them to your favorites to have them always at hand.

This Keyboard is used to cover an important gap in the operating system of Apple because, as we all know, the application of images iOS does not support animated GIFs.

Once installed we will have a series of emoji that we send to our friends through all the many instant messaging applications, including iMessage, we just go to the keyboard PopKey whenever we will want to send a funny animated picture.

Of course you will be able to upload new custom GIF.

To access the beta of PopKey visit the official website at this link (waiting for landing in the Store)




TouchPal keyboard is geared mainly on gesture very similar to the famous Swype, which allows users to simply drag your finger in a continuous motion, never lift it, to form the word.

On how the user makes their gestures TouchPla offers several options for the floor with the option recommended inserted in the center of the bar of the suggestions and pressing the spacebar will be accepted.

With a swipe at the bottom or at the top you can scroll through the puntaggiatura, while pressing the “# 12” in the lower left corner of the display will move to the emoticon.

Download TouchPal iOS (iTunes link)

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