The FBI denies holding Apple ID hack


In a observation despatched to a Mashable editor, the FBI denied that one among its retailers had been "hacked" and was once in possession of non-public data from Apple consumers.The FBI has now not been gradual to reply because of the revelation of a hacker who claimed Tuesday to have managed at hand over the non-public knowledge of 12 million consumers who use an Apple iPhone or iPad.

In a remark Tuesday night within the drafting of Mashable, a spokesman for the FBI denied this but said that the data were not implicated in their possession.

"The FBI is aware of media reports claiming that FBI computer has been infiltrated and private data on Apple IDs have been exposed," said a spokesman for the federal police. "At this stage, there is no evidence that the FBI's laptop was hacked and that the FBI has sought or obtained such information," added in a statement.

A statement which therefore contradict recent assertions hacker – claiming to Anonymous – who said Tuesday he could steal, in March of this year, all of the data that were supposedly contained in the laptop one of the FBI agents. The hacker stated that it had taken advantage of a flaw in Java to allow it to take control away from the laptop and take that many files named "NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv" which would contain 12,367. 232 identifiers iOS.

To prove his point, recall that the hacker has published a list containing one million of these identifiers (UDID) on the Internet. The latter indicated that the purpose of his action was "aware consumers choosing Apple to&quo
t; tracker "these products carry a cell chip (GSM/3G/4G)" … The "machines" which, according to him, "may be traceable by the FBI or anyone else."

The hacker also said he was surprised by the presence of this type of file on your computer to an FBI agent, "These data would they have been stolen or obtained directly from Apple? , "He asked himself?

Anyway and as declared by the FBI, it is now Apple to communicate the fact that millions of personal data of its customers are visibly "flights" in nature …

For Eric Hemmendinger, computer security expert for the Indian group Tata Communications, the case is probably true, given the leaks already organized by Anonymous, and much concern. "The question is
not whether it is true or not, but why federal agents have this information and why they have not more secure
," noted Mr. Hemmendinger Tuesday. "If you work in cybersecurity and that your computer is hacked, the scenario is embarrassing," he added.

Recall that in practice, this type of data stolen could allow malicious people to send fake push notifications to users of the iPhone and iPad. These could then be redirected without their knowledge, to fake sites used by hackers to try to recover other personal data such as credit card numbers.


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