As time passes and the rumors about the iPad Pro increase and only lacked of leaks caused us to take seriously reconsider the future Apple tablet. And if that image comes from the french site nowhereelse.fr , it is almost confirmed that there will be new Apple tablet. Directly filtered by a Foxconn worker, as usual, the image we see in the header would be the three-dimensional model of a supposed prototype iPad Pro and we can draw more conclusions from what at first might seem.

What stands out in this picture is the fact that there are holes in speakers on top, right beside the off button. For those not familiar with the design of the iPad, praises speakers are at the bottom. It does not seem too risky if deduce from this that the next iPad could have four speakers, two located at the top and two at the bottom, thus achieving a much better design than the current sound effect. The thickness of the iPad Pro can also be guessed using this “on” for reference, and would be between 6.9 and 7.5mm, similar to current models.

What other specifications are expected to include this iPad Pro? The first is that the name could be iPad Air Plus and following the nomenclature started with the iPhone 6 Plus. hardware could complete a A8X processor, a variant of the current A8 more graphics power, and of course the same 2GB of RAM than the current iPad Air. The screen size would be between 12.2-inch and 12.9- inch.

The start of production of the iPad Air Plus, Pro or iPad could happen soon, once the production of the iPhone 6 Plus seems to have gotten adequate demand levels with the device, so the launch of the new iPad could occur during the second quarter, although some say that even in the first quarter, which seems unlikely.

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