The first optical Thunderbolt cables are ready for sale



Corning reported having received certification for its Intel Thunderbolt optical cables. Recall that for this technology was originally intended to apply precisely optical connections . Subsequently, however, the choice was made ​​in favor of the copper conductors to reduce the cost and simplify the implementation .

Corning will produce optic cables Thunderbolt Optical Cables length from 10 to 100 meters. Copper versions are available in lengths up to 3 meters. Speed ​​optical data transmission remain in an embodiment within the standard 10 Gbit / s in each direction for Thunderbolt 1.0 and 20 Gbit / s Thunderbolt 2.0. Thus , as compared with copper compounds , optical cables 50% smaller in diameter and 80 % lighter .


Demonstration Thunderbolt Optical Cables held this present day within the autumn session of the IDF in 2013 . The cables are totally appropriate with all of the already launched ports and gadgets . All electronics for changing an electrical sign to an optical port and the next inverse transformation into an electrical sign is performed within the connectors .

The fee of such options it is going to be massive . However any individual nowadays surely keen to provide some huge cash , as an instance, for the chance to unfold the reveal and a strong notebook to a distance of one hundred meters. It must be understood that the fiber optic cables are resistant to electromagnetic interference , and considerably more straightforward to copper , which is principally essential in such and such lengths. As for costs , they aren’t but printed. Purchase Thunderbolt Optical Cables will probably be to be had within the coming months.

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