The first pictures taken with an iPhone 4S


Even if the Keynote at the beginning of the week left me cold as a pancake, an item caught my attention, however: the sensor of the iPhone 4S . 8-megapixel sensor can obviously shoot in Full HD (1080p) but also with a more open, greater brightness and an integrated stabilizer. On paper, yes, it is rather attractive but it is hard to judge without seeing the result.

Well just, friends, you will discover a little lower, they are the first photos taken with an iPhone 4S .


It must be admitted, the result is pretty impressive. So as always, we must be cautious but if these pictures were not edited after being taken, then we can say that the iPhone 4S is capable of competing with most digital camera market . If you do not believe me, you can also click on the pictures to enlarge and to wander a little in detail. Personally, the photo that convinced me the most is also one of the squirrel.

Now that I look forward to, it is the very first videos shot with the iPhone 4S, just to see if the stabilizer is doing its job. Besides, if you have links below the elbow, do not hesitate to throw them to the rest of this article!




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