vivo-synaptics-clear-id-fingerprint-sensorA Chinese company managed to beat all other manufacturers in the market and integrated a fingerprint sensor under the screen display.

The first device that successfully integrated Synaptics’ technology was Vivo, a fairly popular smartphone manufacturer in China, which is showing a functional and advanced prototype in the electronics exhibition currently under way.

Since this is only an optical sensor that reads the fingerprint image between the display points, it can only be embedded under the OLED panels. Thus, the fingerprint scanner can be maintained in a relatively natural and logical location, without compromising screen size.

So far, the journalists who have experienced the new fingerprint scanner claim this is a surprising success. Most of them claim that the sensor responds well, naturally and reliably. Although some claim it is not as fast as the sensors we have gotten used to on the latest Apple devices, but make it clear that it does not hurt the experience of using it.

The sensor signal on a Vivo device appears only when there is a need to identify with the device for the purchase or opening of the device, and the rest of the time it simply disappears altogether, leaving room only for the rest of your content, similar to iPhone X, which does not even hold a “virtual” About use gestures. The Vivo smartphone presented in the exhibition is not the final model but is expected to reach Asian markets during the next quarter of 2018.

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