The idea of  smartphone interface board car multimedia system integration with Apple CarPlay platform will actually debute in only three  vehicle models : Ferrari FF, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Volvo XC90 .

On the eve of the official blog Toyota UK has information that the Japanese company will maintain vehicle interface CarPlay starting next year . The company said it is not yet ready to comment on how the system will be integrated and in which cars will support it , but decided that it would be in 2015.

According to local media , the first to receive support CarPlay cars Corolla and Camry 2015 release. It will be recalled that when Apple announced CarPlay, then the Toyota was not among the major partners , such as Volvo or Mercedes, which implement support CarPlay in the near time , but Toyota is among the ” associated partners ” who will implement support for CarPlay as cycle update their automotive line .

Currently automobile editions speculated how CarPlay can coexist with its own set of connectivity Entune, which Toyota has already begun to implement in its premium brand Lexus.

Not so long ago 9to5Mac authors found that the trademark Mercedes-Benz is committed to the end of the year to offer the owners of many other models of their cars some modernization kits entertainment system, which will provide support for CarPlay used cars. Obviously, the corresponding block can be installed on a dedicated service.

Note that Honda integration of Apple products into their cars also recently took a very tight, and similar solutions for owners of some models already offers . We must assume that in this way will come and other car manufacturers .

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