iOS-firefoxIn the App Store, there are a handful of browsers to choose from. At Safari, Apple’s browser that comes by default, we add other major browsers such as Chrome, Dolphin, iCab, Amerigo other as Puffin, a browser that allows us to view flash content. As if that were not enough, Mozilla has launched in New Zealand the first public version of Firefox for iOS, but other countries still have to wait a little longer.


The objective of the team that created Firefox for iOS is “create a great browsing experience with Firefox for iOS”. This first public version expect the citizens of one country to report bugs and suggestions them all before launching into new countries, which would bring them many more failures and could not respond in time. With this I come to mind the words of Vice President of iTunes, who said to launch the service in more than one hundred countries at the same time, many have received feedback and has amassed them work.


Firefox for iOS promises a quick, elegant and personal web experience. Mozilla reminds us that:

“Firefox is the first browser independent and publicly released by Mozilla, who has been voted the company internet users who rely more on their privacy. Hundreds of millions of people around the world use Firefox on a desktop computer for a more personal browsing experience. “

Initially, Mozilla refused to carry your browser to the App Store by Apple’s policy, which required him to do things in a way that they would not. At the moment it is available for everyone, it may be too late to reach an area where the default browser, Safari, has most of the market share, followed by Google Chrome. However, as the saying goes, it’s never too late .

If you have a New Zealand account, you can download Firefox for iOS from this link.

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