The longer term BlackBerry OS Pictures


This model have already been extensively circulated on the Net and gifts together with an absolutely redesigned interface to make higher use of multi-contact monitors and make BlackBerry rather less "severe".

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Navigation between screens enriched animated transitions, contextual menus have all been redesigned to display in a central window, instead of drop down the lower left corner. All of the example is based frankly iPhone. A relationship which users can rejoice as the RIM OS was not aged.

While BlackBerry devices continue to sell goods in the e world. According to Strategy Analytics,
RIM has not been at least second quarter of 11.2 million units representing an annual increase of 40%.

Especially, the Canadian manufacturer has managed the feat out of the scope of the company in attracting the general public and especially young people.



Still, RIM is now under pressure with the iPhone of course but also terminals Android. Without forgetting Bada Samsung (Wave). For BlackBerry suffer from the comparison in terms of ergonomics, multimedia and Web browser.

In these three areas, the BlackBerry experience is not as good as that of its competitors. With the smar
tphone market ultra-competitive, RIM had to react. And fast.

The 6th version of BlackBerry OS and must meet those expectations. Expected for the third quarter, to reveal more and more. And as might be expected, efforts have been focused on the weaknesses of the OS.

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