The way forward for the iPad 2 SD Slot, iPhone 5 Qualcomm Chipset, and Apple TV


Following a lot of rumors, bulletins and expectations, Engadget did a little tour of what could be the new Apple in 2011. It includes of course the iPhone 5 , the iPad 2G and even the third Apple TV .

First point, Apple does not provide at Infineon but at Qualcomm chipset for the telephony part. Fleas of the latter could manage GSM and CDMA , which would allow Apple to produce a single model of the iPhone and iPad. In this innovation, we must add the new processor chip that would be based on an A5 Cortex A9.




iPad 2G : Unlike past rumors date on the tablet, rather Engadget would build on a presentation in April. The iPad 2G would indeed not ready and various photos of models would represent an advanced prototype of the beast.


Side news, Engadget is not sure if adding the chip A5 it moves forward a screen Retina Display player, SD cards and a revised design for better grip.




iPhone 5 : According to Engadget, the design of the new iPhone would have been completely revised following known issues with the antenna on the iPhone 4. That said, it will probably not count on the support of 4G on the smartphone normally presented in early summer 2011.




Apple TV : Together with his arrival in iOS in its 2nd model, the Apple TV may be extra fascinating for Apple, and due to this fact extra often up to date. Furthermore, the brand new model might decode 1080p A5 with the chip.


If the iPod 5G isn’t naturally indicated, we doubt that the tool can even be offered throughout 2011. That stated, what Apple is at present jewel for your line of sight for the 12 months 2011?


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