The iMac iPhone 4G (concept)


What do you recall to mind the design? Have a look beneath…

Summer is just around the corner, which means that very soon, Apple will please us new iPhone again. Come soon, and forgive me the skeptics that do not refer to authoritative sources (Internet and help you in Korea Times), the new product will be available between May and July.

What will be the new iPhone, and what to expect from him? 3 mm in thickness and up to the edges of the screen was? Titanium body or glass case? Maybe it will be replaced, finally did the battery and the camera for video communication? Let’s take a look and discuss what new features and functions we are waiting for all?

I have tried to combine all of the most interesting design solutions, as well as collected all the rumors about the iPhone 4G (nano, pro?), Which by this time had already accumulated sufficient. Well, ready to look into the future? I present to you the intriguing theme of the new concept iPhone. Too impressionable just ask to move away from the monitor 🙂 Now, let’s see, let’s see …




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