The iOS four.1 comprises modifications within the sign bar and new baseband, however the identical sign issues


Consistent with experiences, the newly launched iOS 4.1 beta of the iPhone includes new signal bar, now looks a little higher to improve bars visibility. Possibly it has corrected the mathematical calculations that Apple mentioned above concerning the reception problems.


OIOS detailed ORT 4.1 beta is the Game Center and update the modem firmware.

The baseband of the iPhone in April has risen from 01.59.00 to 07.02.1901. Hopefully there is no problems when using the tool release Planetbeing plans to launch, wait for the confirmation of the Dev-Team.



According to engadget, the iPhone signal bar has fallen with IOS 4.1 beta, this indicates that the mathematical algorithms of calculations have been applied to this new operating system version

Finally, se have performed the first test signal in the iPhone 4.1 beta 4 IOS and the result is "not improved at all the sign" The following video evidence of this:

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