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Since the launch of the new iPad Air 2 took almost a week, and the novelty has already fallen into the hands of buyers. Among the dozens of reviews, and the first impression of a person is thinking about purchasing a new tablet, it is easy to get confused. What people say about 2 iPad Air authoritative resources?

So, the new iPad Air 2. He’s a millimeter thinner than its predecessor. Apple has dubbed it “the thinnest tablet in the world.” It installed a more powerful processor A8X, he finally got a fingerprint reader Touch ID, WiFi 802.11ac, 8-megapixel camera and improved anti-glare display.

The journalist Re/Code, Walt Mossberg tablet unimpressed:

“When the last week, Apple introduced a new generation of the iPad, and I had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new product, you should think that I was excited by what he saw. Alas, no. Yes, with all due respect to Apple, it is truly the best of the tablet, but for the average user iPad Air 2 is just the next product in the chain of evolution of the entire line of tablets Apple, devoid of revolutionary change and innovation.

iPad Air 2 is really comfortable in the hand and treat him more comfortable than with the iPad Air. It weighs only 440 grams and is 15% thinner than its predecessor. “


The journalist The Verge, Nilay Patel managed to hear more rave reviews:

“The Air 2 has a vibrant, sharp display that looks almost painted on. Apple says the new antireflective coating on the Air 2 reduces glare by 56 percent, but I didn’t really notice it making a huge difference; you definitely can’t use it in bright sunlight. […]

Inside the iPad Air 2 lies Apple’s new A8X chip, which is a variant of the A8 found in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with additional graphics capabilities. It’s ridiculously fast — noticeably faster to load web pages and launch apps than my iPad Air, and it has so much graphics headroom that I’m eager to see how game developers take advantage of it “

TechCrunch, Darrel Etherington:

“The thickness of only 6.1 mm allows you to comfortably use the iPad Air 2 throughout the day. It is easier and more comfortable to hold.

Model, came into my hands, iPad Air 2 in gold color looks really cool, but I can not say that it is this color. For me personally, the standards are a model in the color Space Grey and Silver. “


Engadget, Brad Molen:

“The reduced thickness of the tablet demanded and decreasing the capacity of its batteries. In the iPad Air 2, it is 5.1 Ah, but Apple still promises 10:00 continuous operation due to lower power consumption processors A8X. For a day of active use of the tablet before going to bed, I looked at the battery indicator: for iPad Air 2 there is still 20%. If the rational use of the tablet, it will last for two days.

When playing HD-movies iPad Air lasted 2 11:00 15 minutes Less than iPad Air and an hour less Samsung Galaxy S.

On the updated tablet no lock knob sound / orientation. It would seem that the user did not lose anything, but in practice, I was faced with the fact that it really is not enough. In its place will be an additional microphone. “

The Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern:

“Great anti-glare coating and an awesome 8-megapixel camera that allows you to take good pictures. But the iPad Air 2 is even more slippery. If Apple wants to owner could climb on the mountain peaks (as in the promo video), taking the tablet, the company should think about the best coverage tenacity. “

Fast Company, Harry McCracken:

“So, what is not said, Apple and that is one of the main advantages of iPad Air 2 – 2 GB of RAM. It is now possible to open more tabs in the browser, run more applications without having to unload. “

Meanwhile, iPad Air 2 has already passed several tests to determine the speed of the processor. The novelty was really productive of any of the presented iOS-products from Apple, including announced in September iPhone 6. [via MacRumors]

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