Marco Arment, Instapaper developer has found the identification of two new iPad in the code log. These two new tablets are indicated by the words "iPad2, 5" and "iPad2, 6" just to distinguish the two respective versions with and without 3G module. Even for the current generation, in fact, there are more identifier that, in the case of the iPad 2, are iPad2, 1, iPad2, 2 and iPad2, 3 depending on whether it is a model WiFi, GSM or CDMA.

Just for completeness, there is also an iPad2, 4 which represents the second generation of tablet released at the launch of the iPad 3, the latter is currently defined by "iPad3, x".

Mark the new iPad Mini labeled iPad2, x means only one thing, as rightly pointed out also Arment: the hardware inside will be very similar, if not identical to the iPad 2. The identifiers are also in this case two, as they g
o to represent respectively the Wi-Fi version, the GSM and CDMA model probably will be marked as iPad2, 7.

If this were the case, however, within this iPad Mini find a chip A5 with 512MB of RAM and a GPU medium power not able to manage a resolution of type Retina, this to maintain a low production cost which will be reflected then in a very competitive price, and the resolution of the most reliable is 7.85". Learn more in the absence of new rumors, we have to wait probably in October.


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