The iPad Pro Lightning cable supports USB 3.0 controller


The Lightning iPad Pro lightning does not seem to be as we might have thought. Despite the disappointment of many in observing that the iPad Pro does not include second-generation Touch ID sensor, which hides another surprise appears very close, and the Lightning connector that seems transfers include support for USB 3.0, which opens a endless possibilities, especially when external memories include the switch to prune quickly our files, and most importantly in the professional field, working with large data memory without sacrificing the iPad, which could be shown as scarce in that cases.

iFixit disassembled the iPad and the iPad Pro  to reveal that drivers had Fresco Logic FL1100 USB 3.0, which immediately suggested that the iPad Pro could at least support the transmission of data using USB 3.0. After independent reports seems to be that Apple was the plan from the beginning, the typical information that ignore during the presentation, but that seems very interesting to a large part of future consumer gadget.


Plans have been revealed by Apple to work with USB 3.0 on the iPad Pro, adapters supported speed by 3.0 to connect iPad Pro Lightning are just around the corner and soon hit the market, so it seems a movement again premeditated from Cupertino, where it seems that not usually leave absolutely nothing to chance, not surprising coming from Apple us the truth. however, we continue with many doubts about whether will flash drives, simple devices to connect the iPad Pro to your computer, or allow us to include SSDs using a file manager, to know the answers we only have to wait .(Source iFixit)

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