The iPhone 3GS will remain on the market !


The iPhone 3GS is in keeping with a design for over two years outdated. But the tool within the U.S. remains to be the 2d best possible promoting smartphone within the U.S, simply at the back of the iPhone four. For shoppers, the iPhone 3GS it sounds as if nonetheless a lovely tool.



It has to do with the unit price is quite low. Analyst Mike Abramsky today in a research note that the iPhone 3GS set put him in much longer will be available in stores. He thinks that Apple lowers price of the iPhone 4 to $ 99 for a subscription (and $ 499 with subscription). The unit is too expensive to give away for free, but if the Apple iPhone 3GS in the range holds, it will succeed.
Apple, the iPhone 3GS free with a subscription offer.

Other predictions of Abramsky sound is actually quite logical: it is an iPhone or iPhone 4S 5 with HSPA + and A5-chip. The price of this will be similar to the current price of the iPhone 4. It is possible that a new 64GB model comes. The current iPhone 4 will probably only in an 8GB version available. Abramsky is not alone in its position. The website MacRumors also hear drumors that the 3G iPhone on the market longer stays. They have not heard anything about a low price. For the Dutch market would linger longer on the iPhone 3GS is not much impact. For us the iPhone 3GS to many ordinary subscription free.


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