The iPhone 4 Still Attracts Users


As proven in the latest edition of the quarterly ChangeWave survey, conducted among 4163 people, buying intentions for iPhone within 30 days continue to rise . Traditionally, intentions to purchase an iPhone back in June, the announcement of a new model: if the iPhone 3G  was not passionate (36%), the iPhone 4 was much intrigued ( 50%).


This time things are different: it is not a new model that causes this peak, but the current model, which has one year (46%, +2 points). It gives view to Android smartphones, which have their fall stability (32% + 1 point), and BlackBerry, which continue to plunge (4% – 1 point).

If Apple still attracts, Motorola has lost image no longer at the forefront of campaigns for the U.S. operator Verizon (8%, -4 points).

In terms of satisfaction, the iPhone dominates again and again: 70% of iPhone owners are very satisfied with their purchase. ChangeWave says Android follows with 50%, but this would be to forget Phone Windows 7: the new mobile OS from Microsoft has convinced 57% of its users. BlackBerry OS collects only 26% of positive opinions clearly.


ChangeWave has finally interested in the potential impact of icloud on purchase intentions. Under a third of owners of Apple products (29%) is likely to precipitate a purchase of a new Apple product with icloud, which attracts fewer owners of competing products (13%).


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