The iPhone 4 still the thinnest smartphone in the world


All the way through the presentation of the iPhone four in 2010, Steve Jobs mentioned he used to be "the thinnest smartphone within the cell market." A yr has handed considering just a few months on the clock and the end result is apparent: the iPhone 4 until thinnest smartphone . The opposite competitor used to be after all the Galaxy II S Korean producer Samsung.


We need this decision to the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. They have identified the data from the two companies. Apple in turn indicates that the phone measures 9.3 mm . Samsung expressed its Galaxy S II is 8.71 mm . The party seems to be won for the second then. But nay. By observing their side, they felt that the Galaxy S II measured 9.91 mm at its highest point. In the end, they believe that the iPhone is still below the 4 thickest part of the Galaxy S II. 

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