Lots of you wait the unlocked iPhone four Baseband 2.10.04, this can’t be too quickly.The baseband 2.10.04 release (firmware 4.1) is Nearer. A few of you’ve gotten put in the firmware four.1 replace with out the usage of the tactic that allowed TinyUmbrella maintain the outdated unlocked 1.fifty nine.00 Baseband, on the way to successfully set up the two.10.04 model. And from there, the rest is conceivable on unlocked.


Sheriff Hashim It teaches us by the use of his Twitter account that an answer is drawing near:

IPhone-4-Unlock(In Arabic) Gerges2001: @sherif_hashim mn el a5r keda ,, el gish bta3y ibd2 ioom 16-1 ,, hal72 el unlock lel iPhone 4 wala eih el kallam ???

(English Translation via  “Fake” Limera1n.ccGerges2001: @sherif_hashim I’m going to perform military service by January 16, will I get the unlock before this date?

Sherif_Hashim: @Gerges2001 sure



It would seem that our dear hackers are about to accomplish their task.

Just another point, we talked a lot about a method downgrade the baseband, to return to 01.59.00 which is unlocked by UltraSnow. But it seems that this is indeed a simple désimlockage be seen in:


That’s good news is in perspective.We will have more on it as soon as we get more information on this.

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