Contest: The iPhone 4S is much more than the wrapping


The iPhone 4S is bright, attractive and daring and made of beautiful aluminosillicate glass In reality it seems to be simply the identical because the iPhone four, which was once one of the crucial highest having a look smartphones ever to be launched. With this in thoughts, it’s no surprise that Apple didn’t give you a brand new cellphone design as many individuals had been anticipating.


Now the iPhone 4S is available and we have been able to give it a bit of a road test, we have forgiven Apple for the lack of the iPhone 5. What people were expecting with the iPhone 5 was a new phone design and this is why there has been some disappointment with the iPhone 4S. When you take a look inside the 4S though, and see what is actually on offer you see that this is an entirely different device.

The possibilities of Siri and iCloud alone have meant that all is forgiven for Apple. If the older wrapping of the iPhone 4 is pretty impressive, then the inside of the iPhone 4S is blooming marvellous. It is as powerful as the iPad 2 and uses the same dual core processor. This is a lot of power for a smartphone and rivalled by only the most special of smartphones on the market.


An ever increasing desire to create ever more powerful smartphones does somehow beg the question – how much power do you need in your pocket? Does the iPhone 4S need to be twice as fast as the iPhone 4 with seven times faster graphical speeds? The iPhone 4S is powerful enough for all your smartphone needs and more. It comes with a very impressive camera, which is somewhat of a first for an iPhone. It is an 8 megapixel camera that comes with 1080p video, and vastly improved picture quality and colour definition thanks to a new lens and CMOS. The iPhone 4S excels with the latest apps that have been added to the iPhone experience. iCloud, iMessage and Siri are Apple at their best; and this is saying something. Admittedly, iMessage may be fairly limited as it is restricted to use between iPhone users, much like BBM is restricted to BlackBerry users.

However, Siri is a technological revolution that can utilise all available resources across the internet, your social networks and your smartphone data to answer any question for you and to arrange your work and personal life. It is the talk of the town, due to the sheer potential of the technology involved – and all the information provided is synchronised between all your devices running the iO5 operating system by the iCloud application. The processing power of the iPhone 4S may not provide an edge on its competitors in the traditional sense, but it gives the iPhone range the capacity to run the Siri and iCloud as well as resolving niggles present on the original iPhone 4. If you are still struggling to whip together the cash to buy a new iPhone 4S then do not worry, as UK mobile phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts is offering the chance to win an iPhone 4S absolutely free.

Simply visit the iPhone 4S competition page and answer a simple question. The competition closes on November 15th when one lucky winner will be selected at random and you may be receiving an unlocked iPhone 4S direct to your door.

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