The iPhone 5S Concept Features Dual Built-In Projectors into the future


img0021If Apple will not have any difficulties, then next year, users will see a new iPhone. It is still too early to say what it will be. Insiders have not been able to obtain any credible information about its technical characteristics, but the designers of Conceptual ready to share my thoughts, and quite bold. The new concept introduced iPhone 5S studio Ciccarese, previously proposed the idea for the “Apple” smartphone , inherited traits computer mouse Apple Magic Mouse.


This time, the designers decided to experiment with a 5-inch display and 12-megapixel cameras too small, so they set up a conceptual iPhone 5S, which in practice can be implemented not earlier than 20 years. The highlight of the concept is the ability of a smartphone to act as a miniature computer running OS Mountain Lion. And instead of a big monitor and keyboard unit uses a projection screen, the keyboard and trackpad.


The consumer locations the iPhone 5S on the desk, after which he separates the decrease and higher edges, which act as a enhance, and the software is ready at an perspective. Two switches on the cellphone to prompt the projector and keyboard. Now you could work with a full laptop OS. Designers imagine that at some point as an alternative of MacBook Air customers will use such fashions iPhone.



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