Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S

64- bit processor Apple has become the main “chip” for iPhone 5s. A7 SoC system comprises more than one billion transistors – twice larger than A6, and thus has a size equal to the crystal ( 102 mm ²). 64-bit chip architecture uses a modern more efficient instruction set ARM, and has twice as many general purpose registers and floating-point calculations . Based on preliminary tests , the Apple smartphone performance  is ahead of Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, preparing to release.

GSMarena blog has a screenshot showing the performance of iPhone 5s in comparison with the model Samsung SM-G900F, which is claimed to be the next Korean company smartphone. Testing has shown that the Galaxy S5 lags in performance compared to the Apple iPhone 5s. In test 2 BrowserMark his result was 3303 points against 3669 points in Apple- smartphone.

Of previous testing Galaxy S5 in benchmark GFXBench revealed that the machine receives a 64-bit chip with a clock speed of 2.46 GHz. Screen Resolution trends indicated equal 2560 x 1440 pixels (2K). If true information that the new Korean phone screen size is 5.2-inch or 5 , it means that he will be characterized by a density of more than 560 pixels per inch.


Consistent with rumors , Galaxy S5 can be launched in early 2014 and will probably be wearing a metallic case. Getting ready for the announcement of the smartphone with a metallic shell is actively performed in collaboration with Samsung Catcher – a contract producer that provides aluminum shells MacBook Air notebooks and capsules iPad mini. Increasing the variety of orders at Catcher is meant to offset the decline in manufacturing volumes of circumstances for smartphones HTC.

A while in the past there have been footage on the net metallic chassis , most likely belonging Galaxy S5. In accordance to a couple studies , Samsung plans to unencumber two variations of the cellphone : aluminum open the collection F, and S-sequence edition will get in a plastic case .

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