Last year many users expressed their discomfort with the iPhone 6 Plus because by placing it in the back of the pants and sit awhile, the device just slightly bent. Apple joined the fray to defend the device and said that doing a normal use of the device did not have to bend. Of course, then there are the typical YouTube channels they wanted to do the test in front of the cameras, but manually, ie, bending with bare hands to check the hardness of aluminum with which the device was manufactured.

Many demonstrated that applying a force for some time the device just starting even bending the screen. A few days later, they appeared more videos in which a test of resistance to other high-end device existing at that time made: all more or less ended bending.

Once they have reached the market the first models of iPhone 6s Plus, YouTube has begun to fill with videos where it is checked whether the iPhone 6s Plus bend to pressure or whether aluminum 7000, 3 times stronger than the one used in the previous model, is able to hold the device completely straight. On this occasion they have been FoneFox guys who have tested the device.

The video begins with the protagonist trying to bend the device using only the thumbs, more than enough pressure to bend the previous model but after several attempts iPhone 6s Plus has maintained the form. To perform the second test, two people are responsible, each for his side to make enough force to bend the device, but just get it and that both are on the verge of an aneurysm. The strength of two people has been necessary to bend the new iPhone made of aluminum 6s Plus 7000.

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