Recently, MacRumors has unveiled a video of a partially functional 6s iPhone. Today he publishes new interesting pictures that come as confirm the integration of the Force Touch technology in future iPhone and iPhone 6s 6s Plus.

iPhone screen de-6s-is-more-heavier-than-iPhone-6 to 1-of-evidence-larrivee-of-force-touch-pictures

First, he said, according to a reliable source, that the small rectangular chip on the back of the screen is linked to the Force Touch. It remains visible since a cut is made in the metal portion to protect the back of the screen.

Then, it appears that the screen itself is thicker than the iPhone 6 present. Moreover, it is confirmed that the metal plate is now glued rather than screwed as on previous iPhones. To return to the thickness, it seems that 0.2 mm above – which would correspond to the space necessary to integrate the Force Touch.

Who says a larger thickness, said weight also revised upwards, which is the case here. The display weighs 51.2 g while the weight of the iPhone 6 is 49.4 g – almost 2 g in total.

These images are certainly authentic as MacRumors is not the type to reveal everything and anything. We must therefore conclude that the Touch Force is 99.99% sure to be present in iPhone 6s.

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