According to AnTuTu, the 2015 ranking performance of the most powerful smart phones was the iPhone 6s (the included was the Plus model), which has a far superior performance to other devices, reaching and surpassing the 132,620 points score in almost 40,000 achieved by the runner, Huawei Mate 8 gets a score of 92,746. The intimate enemy of Apple, Samsung gets its first device in the No. 4 position, getting the Galaxy Note 5 of total of 83,364 points. Performance tests demonstrate the efficiency of each of smartphones on the market, a pulse devices typically have different natures and lifting views across the network. For AnTuTu, perhaps the most powerful performance test for devices and all phones that had a commercial presence in 2015, was Apple iPhone 6s Plus.


Although the iPhone 6S Plus does not come with 8-core processor, and at a clock speed of 1.85GHz and 2GB of RAM,  not as high as other Android devices, if that is proven to provide the best balance between all the actors that make up the technology Apple machine, which is protected in A9 processor . The Huawei Mate 8, released in November, far behind in AnTuTu study, but what is most striking are the results of the most powerful smartphone Samsung, a device that has a processor Exynos octa 7420 a core clock speed of 2.1GHz and 4GB of RAM has gotten nearly 50,000 points less than the iPhone 6s Plus. The “Android far better” in quotes and as I have read in many ways, is in the last position of the top ten.

Without going any further, with what has been seen so far, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 score exceeds by far the iPad 4. We could say that these data show us nothing but numbers must be supported in everyday use. In any case, if we give as good information AnTuTu, these numbers would give reason to Apple.

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