The iPhone has a greater impact on the world of Nintendo or Playstation video game


In the event you ask the query to folks such as you and me: What’s the character that had the best impression on the sector of online game? , the solutions are very numerous. So ask this query to experts on this planet play video and the reply is apparent: Steve Jobs. Actually, judging via the contemporary survey on the root of this, producers and publishers historical sport consoles like Nintendo will have to may just attain out to Apple, if they don’t ship Mario retired for eternity … 


The London Games Conference has published a survey of 1,000 players in the video game industry. According to him, Steve Jobs has impacted much more significantly the world of video games (26%) as the founder of Valve Gabe Newell ( 16%), and Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario (7%), or Mark Zuckerberg (Is FarmVille which brings 3%? Please do not).  Everything leads us to believe that the play video experience on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has had an impact even greater than that of Nintendo products or different PlayStation.&#0


In this list, we can see that these are recent players of this world fun video with the most lasting impression (such as Apple and Valve) to the detriment of the creator of Mario (whose games seem clearly out of fashion, except in very small circles of a fan of the first hour, now aged), or Facebook, which video games are not the cornerstone.


Even more surprising, we know that Steve Jobs was far from being a keen video games (witness the very late adoption of the platform from Intel to (finally) run a greater number of games on Macs … Yet it is he who has the favor of respondents who puts 56% in the top 5 most influential people in the video game!

Of respondents who felt that the iPhone is the device most transformed the video game industry (17%), followed by Wii (7%), the Xbox Live service (3%) and Playstation 1 (3% !).All the more surprising that the iPhone is first and foremost … a phone!





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