The iPhone Is A Threat To National Security, china Says



The main newspaper in China, the official Chinese State media called the iPhone a potential threat to national security. According to The Wall Street Journal, issues are a number of features in this device,specially geo-location.

During one of the shows broadcast on Chinese state television (CCTV) journalists criticized iPhone feature allowing the user location. This may allow those who have access to information collected by the phone to potentially learn state secrets, mentioned on TV. CCTV said that if there is an outflow of of sensitive information that could reveal State secrets, Apple will be responsible. Apple declined to comment on the statements made by the Chinese media.

Earlier, Chinese media official said that Beijing must “severely punish” American companies like Apple and Google for  providing data to US  spy agencies. According to People’s Daily and China Daily, American corporations “threaten China cyber-security and its users.”

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