The jailbreak of all iDevice with iOS 4 is ready, the Dev-team tackles Drastically in the Unlocking of the iPhone 4



Members of the Dev-Team have in recent days the four new iPhone, and it is put to work to find an exploit for the release of the device.


 That is new knowledge on the topic from Twitter MuscleNerd. Step one is to check the Baseband and the Bootroom liPhone of four with these of the iPhone 3G. With this data, the staff will be capable of see if there are loopholes to milk, or if the previous faults have been repaired by way of Apple to forestall the jailbreak gadgets.

In some other Tweet, MuscleNerd offers us some details about the jailbreak. He defined that the jailbreak of all gear is prepared with the brand new device created through Comex. Superb information.

We'll maintain you posted!

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