Redsn0w and GreenPois0n: The Open Source jailbreaking tools to Go


There are two major teams of hackers from the iPhone, the Dev-Workforce and the  power Dev-Group. Each teams have their very own instruments to jailbreak iPhone

Regardless of the exploit used by these tools, the user community has always had a passive role, simply compiled the tools we used.

However, this will change soon as the two mentioned groups have decided to open the source code of its tools to the user community, especially developers.


The Chronic Dev-Team will provide the code GreenPois0n its elite tool for iOS 4.1 supports the latest iPhone models.

The announcement was made by the hacker p0sixninja"Greenpois0n Will Be updated components / open sourced as soon as it's out of beta. [] "

On the side of the Dev-Team will have the source code Redsn0w, one of the first tools for old devices jailbreak iOS 4.1 [iPod Touch iPhone 2G and 3G]

The announcement was made by the hacker MuscleNerd "Be open source redsn0w will soon [] "

GeoHot wish to know about this fall for his ego and decides to release the code Limera1n before mentioned groups

Ironic note: I hope the "Open source" of jailbreak does not lead to fragmentation iOS style Android


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