The latest blow in the Samsung vs Apple fight?

Samsung-vs-Apple-logoApple and Samsung are at it again. While Apple recently won a jury decision against Samsung to the tune of $1.049 billion, the two companies have many suits against each other in courts around the world at various stages of progression, and one of them has just been updated.
The update comes to one of the more recent cases, in which Apple are targeting new Samsung phones like the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Nexus for patent infringement. Samsung, of course, has just filed a new motion in the case, asking that the iPhone 5 be included as an infringing device in Samsung’s counter claim. Samsung have already nominated the previous iPhones and the iPad and iPod Touch product lines in their counter-suit. This would bring the case to include most of the best-selling devices for both sides, making it potentially more damaging than the recent jury-decided case.
Essentially, the iPhone 5 is accused of violating the same patents as the other devices, including 3G standards-essential patents and a mix of other specific features. While Samsung are likely to be successful in their motion, the phone can’t be added until the parties have a hearing with Judge Grewal on the 6th of November.
Samsung provided The Verge with the following statement about its actions:
“We have always preferred to compete in the marketplace with our innovative products, rather than in courtrooms. However, Apple continues to take aggressive legal measures that will limit market competition. Under these circumstances, we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.” Samsung can be having a look to hit tougher this time round, after their complete loss within the earlier case and the moderately critical $1.049 billion in damages.

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