The Latest on Apple’s Education Event Tomorrow


It appears each time there’s an Apple experience scheduled, the online goes a little bit mad. Even with out a new hardware on the playing cards, Apple bulletins entice an attractive quantity of protection, and this one isn’t any totally different. The Apple Training Adventure within the Large Apple (because it’s cleverly been termed) will likely be going down the next day to come, and the rumours had been flying thick and quick. Let’s take a look at what’s anticipated.


New eBook Creation Tools – ‘GarageBand for eBooks’

The first big expected announcement is a software suite for easier creation of textbooks and other digital tomes. The rumour, which was originally broken by Ars Technica, says that the suite is expected to be based on the now-obsolete iWeb software developed by Apple. According to a later report by the Wall Street Journal, the new software is being overseen by Apple’s Vice President of Productivity Software Roger Rosner.

With the new tools, textbook publishers should be able to create digital versions of their work with much less trouble, which leads us onto our next section:

New Partnerships with Textbook Publishers, New Textbooks

With these new tools in place, Apple will take the next logical step and announce partnerships with many of the biggest American textbook publishers, including McGraw Hill and Pearson PLC.

These companies (and others) will commit to bringing their existing textbooks to the iPad. In addition to this, some new textbooks will be created specifically for Apple’s digital platform. These works will be made available via the iBooks application, and sold via Apple’s store.

Exciting News? It Depends

If you’re in education in the US, whether as a student or teacher, then this would be a good one to pay attention to, as it could have major ramifications for everyone in the system, if Apple’s plans are successful. The talk begins on January 19th at 3:00 PM, so be sure to tune in or check out the web afterwards to see what was announced.

If you’re not in the US or not in education, then you may want to skip this one. There’s likely going to be no hardware announced; the iPad 3 is still a few months away from shipping, although we don’t know that for sure.

In any case, it should be a good show as usual. Whatever is announced, you’ll certainly hear about it afterwards. The whole thing may be most notable as an example of how well Apple conducts its media campaigns as much as the announcements themselves.

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