The lengendary iPhone hacker Comex left Apple



Apple’s experiment to iOS hackers to take their products to protect failed. It’s been announced that the legendary iPhone hacker Comex is no longer working at. He posted the following message on his Twitter account : “There is no reason for me to keep. Since last week, after about a year, I no longer work at Apple. ”

“Why, you wonder,” he said in a tweet. “Because I forgot to reply to an email.” Forbes spoke later with the hacker name Nicholas Allegra who talked about his departure from Apple.

In a brief conversation Comex explained that he had forgotten to respond to an email in which the company asked him to continue working as an external student. At Apple, an offer taken seriously and Allegra soon learned that the company from Cupertino had withdrawn the offer. “I’m not happy, but it seemed that I do nothing more he could do. So it is what it is. ”

Allegra later in the interview with Andy Greenberg from Forbes, he stated the reason of his departure from Apple is a lot more complicated than just a forgotten email, but it would not have been a bad end, but rather wanted the hacker will not reveal. He did not say that he has worked in the past year, only that the work in Cupertino him very well liked.

The hacker in the iOS community became popular through the development of tools that jail breaks for the iPhone and iPad made possible, such as the websites JailbreakMe JailbreakMe 2 and 3. The beauty of the solutions of Comex was mainly there for the jail breaks no computer in her recovery, users merely had to visit a website to jailbreak their device. According to several experts Comex was one of the best hackers in the community, and ran for many years on the other hackers.

For anyone who expects Comex immediately goes busy with creating iOS jailbreaks, there’s unhealthy information, as a result of Allegra within the interview additionally talked about that iOS presently no longer very excessive on his precedence checklist. It appears this yr we will be able to be depending on the staff that launched  the iOS and iOS 5.1 jailbreak ultimate 12 months.

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