The most popular app on Android-Google Play antivirus scam


Android scamPopular antivirus software Virus Shield, released in Google Play store a week ago, has already gained wide popularity among users of Android. Over the past 7 days the number of downloads reached 10,000 . However , as it turned out , the newfangled application was bogus.

Developers Virus Shield promised full protection devices against viruses for a ridiculous amount of $3.99. Appendix miraculously soared to the top and took first place in the ranking of new paid programs ( and third place in the overall ranking of paid programs ) . Furthermore, a user rating Virus Shield was almost transcendent – 4.7 stars .

scamHowever, writes AndroidPolice, application proved fraudulent . No, it did not steal any personal information and do not use your smartphone DDOS- attacks. It just did not do anything and still cost money . To achieve high positions in the ranking of Deviant Solutions developers certainly had to spend a lot of money .

” This is pure fraud, where developers have earned a significant amount of money – the newspaper writes . – The only thing that did advertised paid antivirus – change icons of the Red Cross ” not verified ” on the red tick ” checked .”

Now the application is removed from Google Play. The conclusion is simple : Android’s openness is the possibility of such applications at any time. Returns the user to the money spent , of course, no one is going .

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