Understand that, a couple of weeks in the past we talked about an avant garde idea watch known as iPod iWatch. The concept that has at last turn into truth with a brand new Apple machine offered on 1 September via Steve Jobs … the iPod Nano. Certainly, the brand new iPod Nano may also be reworked into an actual iWatch, the correct software to grasp the time that passes, revel in movies, song and extra … Merely affiliate a bracelet and voila.


Obviously autonomy will soon become a problem if you leave the screen on, but you can also tell you that it is night and have to press a button each time to see the time.For years people fantasize about watches everything, and the fantasy is recently becoming reality. LG has launched the trend by introducing a concept watch phone at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008. Apple probably did not anticipate that the iPod can be used that way, but the photo of Kei Ogikubo above suggests to us that after the touch pads, Apple could revolutionize a second class of devices.
The 6th-generation iPod nano will be available next week for a price of $149 for the 8GB model and $179 for the 16GB model. You can pre-order one now via Apple.com.[Ogikubokei Flickr Stream via Twitter]


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