Launched in September 2006, the " interest " Apple has by no means been a " hit ". " However customers adore it ". Customers wish to watch Hollywood motion pictures and TV Presentations, all in HD. However they don’t need " a brand new pc or storage deal ", mentioned Jobs.

" Quiet, cool and fast ", right here comes the AppleTV (or  TV): The ability provide is constructed, it comes with a far off aluminum. All can be in response to a condo video, with out storage.

Built-in energy provide, just like the Mac mini


The rental price of $ 4.99 for the latest movies in HD, " they will be less expensive when the time will pass '. So far only Fox and ABC are the party but " the big studios will surely light and go on board ". 

The TV show will, as prospective, to 99 cents. The box will access the Internet, YouTube, Netflix, will slide shows " amazing " since the Mac.

With AirPlay, the iPad, or other device iOS, can stream the film released to the Apple TV.

The selling price will be $ 99 and the offer will be proposed in the U.S., France, Canada, among others. It will be available
in four weeks, but reservations are already available.

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