Now we all know that the brand new Apple TV options iOS four.1, many people wait unless it’s jailbroken. And we will say that it’s on the right track because the Dev Workforce has already managed to milk a vulnerability and a little bit rascal managed to put in purposes. Sure, however the giant draw back of the story is that these purposes can’t be launched … The ethical, when you predict so to play Crops vs. Zombies in your TV LED, neatly we'll need to take your troubles patiently.


And this feat, we owe it to Steven Troughton-Smith. It was he who was able to install applications on the new Apple TV. No luck, despite several attempts, it failed to launch them.
That means he'll have to wait a bit before you can take advantage of applications on the Apple Store TV. Assuming of course that it works one day. The solution, it might be launching a dedicated Cydia with applications optimized for the media center for Apple, but both say that this is not the kind of platform is easy to implement.
Note that this news is not surprising in itself. Even if yours truly would love to take advantage of applications of the new Apple St
ore on TV that he could hypothetically be bought at the end of the year, there is still a problem to be solved: the resolution of applications.
Developing for the iPhone or iPad is easy, the resolution is imposed. But to create an application for a media center on which we could connect the TV with different resolution, it is not the same thing. Unless you go on the HD and scale back, it goes without saying …


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