Excellent information for all these looking forward to the new Apple TV firm: shipments will be leaving soon. Yes, and the funny thing is that we already know that the new media center of the Apple runs a 4.1 iOS specially redesigned for the occasion. This simply means, in other words, the latter will soon be jailbroken. Moreover, while we're at, it seems that the Dev Team is already working on it …



As emphasized by the source of this article, this information is important. For if the good guy embarks iOS 4.1, then it means that the firm must have a lot of projects on the fire. We can thus imagine an Apple TV Store dedicated to providing both applications, or short films.  

Strategically, this would of course be remarkable. For users, certainly, but also for the firm and its shareholders. Let us recall that the Apple TV has not always sold well, even far away … Be that it may be, for the jailbreak of the latter, the best is yet ready to monitor the Dev Team.


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