The New IOS four.2 Gold Grasp Options(UPDATE)


A couple of minutes in the past, Apple has up to date model in iOS 4,2 Gold Master, which means that its development is completed. This latest version, which should be the same as that given to users, especially the latest bug fixes. That all new content from this Gold Master on the iPhone and iPad:

1. IPad button to lock the rotation has been shifted to the left, the iPod icon on the right. The volume control icon and switch iPad / Airplay were not present in other versions of IOS 4.2.


2. 10/10.0.1 version of iTunes no longer recognizes the iPhone, nor the iPad. In the previous IOS versions 4.2, iTunes 10 functioned normally. Apple should make available the version 10.1 of its software, along with the final version of IOS 4.2 Golden Master.

3. The iDevices seem much more reactive with the Gold Master version.

4. Fixed problem with daylight savings time.

5. Back bracket AirPlay YouTube / Safari / Applications Third

6. It is now possible to create an Apple ID for free directly from Mail (MobileMe account), but the service is not yet available.


7. Apple has finally decided to put the volume slide bar in the multitasking ^ CAHE iPhone. Just open the bar multitasking, and make two sliding from left to right.


The new features introduced in IOS 4.2 Beta 1 are found in this article, those in the beta 2 here, and for beta 3 by then.

The article will be constantly updated. If you have observed other news please let us know via the comments below.


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