The new Horizon app for iOS can shoot videos regardless of how you hold your device. Available since Tuesday on the App Store, the new Horizon application may be of interest to people who regularly unsheathe their iPhone or iPad to capture moments of life in the form of videos.

If they are used to shoot a horizontal manner with their device – to avoid famous black bands on the left and right of their video – however, it can happen to them to be bothered to film parts of their scene , and particularly when the object or person filmed is moving.

To overcome this problem, the Greek Window startup Evil Dog has developed its new Horizon application. It has the particularity to enable the user to shoot from any angle , regardless of how he holds his camera . Result it becomes easier for him to shoot an object or a person in motion.

To achieve this principle of operation, the Greek startup has developed its application so that it takes advantage of the gyroscope iOS device .

Note that the app also offers several recording formats : 1080p (16:9) , 720p (16:9) , 640 × 640 (square) , 640 × 640 (4:3) and 480 × 480 (square) .



To add some icing on the cake , the iOS app also contains several filters used to give an artistic touch to your video. Horizon is compatible for iOS devices  from the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5th generation . It is currently offered at an introductory price of $0.99

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