iFixit did not waste time and already offers photos of the new iPad teardown , while the Apple new iPad tablet is on sale today in the United States. 

iFixit  got the new iPad in 4G LTE version and took apart in detail. The procedure is documented and provided it with exclusive pictures. As usual, provides a detailed guide a first look inside the device and describes the individual components.

 Big surprises are not yet known, but the separation is at present still not quite finished. The process is similar to the previous model, of course. First, the adhesive is released to the front window with a hair dryer and then carefully lifted off. After the retinal display is exposed and developed accordingly. Already at this stage can be seen that the connections of the displays have changed for the iPad 2 easily


                                                                                       © iFixit


iFixit has no cold eyes. To be the first site to offer photos of the dismantling of the new tablet, they went to Australia where you can already find the iPad a few hours (it's already Friday!).


                                                                                    © iFixit


If purchased early, so soon removed, iFixit reports that the new tablet is still complicated to demonstrate that his big sister. Some differences were also found on the new model: the motherboard is now smaller and the battery (42 Wh / 11666 mAh) takes much more room.


                                                                              © iFixit


Another interesting detail: on the box the new version iPad 4G, Apple warns that it is not compatible with the LTE (4G) Australian but the tablet will however be able to run on 3G networks. Would this be a temporary situation? No one knows yet. Anyway, the site PCINpact recently warned that the 4G chip integrated in the third generation of the iPad would ultimately be capable of operating on other frequencies LTE (4G) as those used in the United States.


                                                                                       © iFixit


"The chip of the new 4G iPad, manufactured by Qualcomm's MDM9600 type, this is a new generation of 4G chip capable of operating over bandwidths of 700 and 2100 MHz (USA) but also on the frequencies 800 and 2600 MHz (note: used especially in France and Belgium). " , indicated PCINpact .

It confirmed that the new 4G chip iPad is compatible with its future 4G network. One thing is certain, the compatibility of the chip of the new iPad 4G has not finished.


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