Remaining week we noticed the blur pictures the in iOS 6 maps app, rumored to have the silver-grey shade scheme for iOS 6 and the subsequent technology iPhone is more likely to be Taller than its predecessors. Now a designer named 'gizmosachin' put all these rumors to mock-ups. 



Here you see how a web page on the new iPhone could look like. The new WWDC and iPhoto app for iOS show that Apple has acquired a preference for silver. But not only that of leaked photos of early the iOS 6 version. also having a silver-gray interface to read.

"According to speculation surrounding the next major version of iOS, Apple will switch to a “silver” theme — roughly the same that has been used on the iPad since iPhone OS 3.2. Marco Arment believes the iPhone UIKit widget styling (the stock blue element) is out of style. Cult of Mac thinks that the recently released WWDC app and iPhoto for iOS set the stage for silver coming to the iPhone soon."

Developers like Marco Arment (Instapaper) is expected during the Apple WWDC to show a new UIKit version, so developers have time to adapt their apps to the new style before iOS 6 is available this Fall .


In another photograph, the  iOS 6 maps app to view, including 3D button. Which still under discussion or will be on the main screen of the maps app will be shown. An alternative is that the 3D display is hidden behind a corner of the screen, just as the user map to satellite view mode. [The Verge]


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