Jap firm Sharp put the mass production for the next generation iPhone screen displays, writes The Wall Street Journal citing people familiar with the situation. Sharp intends to complete the screen productions not until the end of August, but postponed due to some manufacturing difficulties. It is still unclear when the company still plans to launch the production of the displays.

Sharp is one of three suppliers of liquid crystal displays for the new iPhone. Also engaged in Japanese manufacturing and South Korean Japan Display LG Display Co. These companies do not have proble
ms with the manufacture of screens, sources of publication.

Experts now predict that Apple, might postpone the presentation of the new iPhone. Earlier media reported that the Cupertino company will introduce a new smartphone at a press conference on September 12.

Earlier Friday, the international rating agency Standard & Poor's downgraded the rating of the company, followed by Sharp shares fell by 13%, to 198 yen per share.


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